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Top of Page. It lay where it was left, across a few button depressions on his striped cot mattress, aerial and ground wire trailing between the mattress and wall to the steam radiator where the ground ended, wrapped around the valve. The aerial wire continued up over the radiator top where it often passed an aromatic apple or two slow-baking through a winter night in a syrup-stained tin before it snaked under the window, painted stiff, an eighth of an inch from the sill, then dangled for three stories between old tenement brick and the black Bronx night.

Gazing out his almost-closed window at the black sky and stars, he had been transported from the four walls of his eight by eight bedroom to the music of swinging orchestras, the sounds of tinkling glasses and the buzz and applause of dancers levitating over current events atop elegant rooftop ballrooms of regally named hotels. Murrow talking about more distant rooftops:. The anti-aircraft gunners stand ready. I have been walking tonight.

There is a full moon, and the dirty-gray buildings appear white. The stars, the empty windows, are hidden. It's a beautiful and lonesome city where men and women and children are trying to snatch a few hours sleep underground.

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There was no music playing from those rooftops. It lasted until the diameter of his yawns and the dark half-moons under his eyes gave him away.

While the war raged on three continents, fatigue had bullied Donny to sleep, until Eddie was catapulted across the Atlantic. From that day on, up-to-the-minute information about the war was as necessary as food and Yoohoos. Dangling from bakery string, it showed little evidence that during its regal two-year reign, it had survived the onslaught of every kid in the neighborhood who had approached each attempt to break it with their swinging chestnut with faux confidence that would erode after each unsuccessful strike would take bits, then pieces, then the rest of their doomed chestnut until it would fall to the pavement leaving the moist knot at the end of the string dangling in defeat.

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At least, Donny thought to himself, this opportunistic bastard, Friedman, forgot to demand the recipe for the secret liquid and storage technique that converted his soft chestnuts into concrete wrecking balls. No shopkeeper or anyone else for that matter could explain why the war effort created a shortage of bubble gum. It seemed to be beating outside his chest. Then he gently took the gum between his thumb and forefinger, craned toward Donny, transported the bounty to his mouth and licked his fingers.

The ritual ended.

The chew began. Donny salivated.

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His jaw moved in unison. His imagination supplied the flavor. Puggy skipped away in victory. Donny stood there with a set of earphones that would now spend every day in the inside jacket pocket of his abandoned Bar Mitzvah suit and every night pressed against his ears as he nervously searched the crystal set coil for news about the war.

The war that kidnapped his brother and deposited him on battlefields thousands of miles away, made Donny feel like a helpless spectator, and it intensified his need for creative diversions that got him into trouble from time to time: not serious trouble, but prankish, mischievous trouble--like when he would stand on one side of a street and direct Ben Dribben and Maggie McCrane to stand opposite.

This action might not be possible to undo.

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Create a List. Summary This novel for young people ages thirteen to a hundred and ten, set in the middle of the Second World War, in the Rockaway, Long Island of Radio Days, is powerfully relevant to all readers in light of September 11 and the new reality. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Chapter One Donny Becker started wanting things his way while still tethered to his loving mother, Esther. He wanted out, the much relieved Esther Becker announced to all who would listen.

The suspense lies in the reader guessing which of her male friends will become her victim. In addition to Blue, the plot is comprised of four other teenagers: Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and Noah, who are on a journey to find the dead Welsh king Glendower and revive him in order for Gansey to request a wish. Each character is well developed and has their own unique personality that describes their home life to its core.

A lady's got to know her limitations.

Additionally, we also have Noah Czerny. Lastly, there is Blue, the character of Blue could be one of my most beloved throughout the series.

Blue is a very independent, sarcastic and intelligent girl. She is a little insecure about her lack of psychic power while her whole family has them. The stream trickled sluggishly out of the woods from between two diamond-barked dogwoods. With Gansey in the lead, they all followed the water into the trees.

Immediately, the temperature dropped several degrees. This was a beautiful, old wood, all massive oak and ash trees finding footing among great slabs of cracked stone. Ferns sprang from rocks and verdant moss grew up the sides of the tree trunks. The air itself was scented with green and growing and water. The light was golden through the leaves.